Howdy y’all!!

This blog was originally started by the lovely Hannah Ruth Leming to describe her backpacking adventure through Europe with Catherine Slaton(me). Now I hope to add more experiences and travel tips that I have learned along the way.

Hannah Ruth graduated from LSU in 2014  in journalism and is now living in Napa, California.

Catherine graduates in May 2016 in conservation biology and has no idea what her next step is but is excited to see where life takes her next. She traveled to Australia in 2015 for a semester abroad to learn more about the land down under. Catherine hopes to continue traveling and raising awareness on conservation issues around the world.

Hannah & Catherine have been friends since Spring Break 2013 where they bonded over tequila shots and dancing on the bar(which seems to be a reoccurring event). Traveling has transformed us into who we are today and has molded our friendship into an unbreakable sisterhood.

We want to learn, experience, live, dream and find ourselves. We want to come home with a new perspective on life. We want to show others how rewarding traveling can be. But we also want to have the time of our lives!

Happiness & Love,

The Wander Gals


One thought on “About

  1. Hey Hannah and Catherine, as a coincidental co-traveler wishing you all the best on your Europe trip! Laissez les bons temps rouler en Europe et soyez bienvenues dans mon pays!

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